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We deliver a bespoke service, designing the jewellery you desire based on individual consultations and a collaborative process. Whether it's a wedding ring, engagement ring or a piece symbolising a special moment, we are always honoured to create it with you.

We use fine craftsmanship, fusing modern techniques with traditional jewellery skills, to deliver your dream piece of jewellery to the highest standards.

Check below some of our last commissions and what our customers say.

"I was looking to create something special for my fiancé, since we have worked with Adriana previously and both love her design, she was my first port of call. As always, Adriana puts a lot of thought, time and effort into creating the perfect engagement ring. She patiently guided me through the options until we had the perfect ring and perfect it was. Next up-wedding bands!"

Daniel & Dani

''I’m very happy to have had Adriana make this engagement ring. From the design to the finished piece, she really put so much care into creating the ring I was looking for. Her beautiful work speaks for itself.'' R. Alves

R. Alves

''I can't recommend Adriana's work more highly. Not only she is an incredible talented jewellery designer but she's also such a lovely person who's passion for what she does shines through in everything she makes. If you're looking for a creative and minimalist bespoke piece of jewellery, Adriana should be the first person you go to.''

G. Grey


''Adriana is super dedicated and a talented young girl. I really recommend her to anyone that who wants to have a piece of jewellery made bespoke with quality and beautiful design. All the best Adriana.'' R. Neto

''A fine designer and inspired artist. Adriana designed and produced a set of bracelets for our wedding, and also earrings and cufflinks for my husband: everything bespoke well-thought and beautifully manufactured. Since then, I keep on ordering pieces from her collections!'' P. Aiulloux

**The creation of bespoke orders will be undertaken in full confidence and discretion of the client. The design and rights associated are protected and property of Adriana Chede. They should not be reproduced or used without permission for any purpose other than legitimate use related to the company.