Upcycle Your Old Jewellery Into Something New

Upcycle Your Old Jewellery Into Something New

 Hello there,

to reinforce our approach to being a sustainable brand we have now launched our upcycling programOk, sounds cool. But what is it?

You can now use old metal (Gold) from jewellery you own and use it into getting a new model. We will simply weight the piece you have and "buy" it from you as scrap metal price, deducting from the new piece you're buying.

Isn't it exciting?

Yay! Yes it is. How does it work then?

Bring our send your piece to our atelier, we will weight and photograph the grams (or kilos lol) you have of metal, show you how much is worth and we go from there.

You can design something especially made for you - like a bespoke piece, or simply choose something from our collections.

It's good for you, for us and definitely for the Universe!

So excited to share this news, hope you have some old bits laying on the bottom of your drawer to recycle!

Click here to see a little bit of the process of recycling Gold.

A client's old bracelet transformed in a The Eye Bangle.

Please send us an e-mail to start the process or get more info.