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It’s officially spring!

With the equinox on 20th, we’re taking some time this week to set intentions for the new season. Things are slowly waking up, the beginnings of natural cycles bringing new growth and transformation, a feeling of freshness, and an opportunity to release and rejuvenate.

Ask yourself…

Am I holding onto anything that isn’t serving me? What could I do with letting go? It might be sluggish, stagnant energy from the dormant, winter months or maybe thoughts, feelings, behaviours, memories that are no longer beneficial. As we spring clean our spaces, our heads and hearts could do with a little declutter, so we can start afresh.

Ask yourself…

What do I want to achieve over the coming months? How can I make these things happen?

Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many ideas, aim for something simple and sustainable you want to do, accomplish or change. Maybe set an intention to get out for a walk each day and, rather than being distracted by phones or work stresses, trying to appreciate the things you see.

Remember, you have the power to accomplish any goal you set yourself. Now is the time to plant those new seeds, nourish and nurture them, and watch them blossom.

Three stones for manifesting spring intentions:

AQUAMARINE: The March birth stone, the beautiful, crystalline aquamarine helps us cultivate kindness, clarity and courage as we set new intentions, aiding new beginnings, healing, expansion and growth.

EMERALD: Capturing the essence of spring with their luscious and vibrant tones, emeralds represent new life, growth, renewal, hope for the future and overall abundance.

PERIDOT: A joyful stone, peridot helps us to overcome negative patterns that are hindering progress and development. It helps us let go of the old, encouraging rejuvenation.